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     Way back when the Earth was new, I was born .... Okay, so I am not quite that old.  :-)   I was born in Auburn, Washington, January of 1969 and lived around that area until about 1973. When I was 4, we moved over to Marshall, near Spokane,  and from there to (dare I utter the name) Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Life prior to BF (take that any way you want) is a blur for the most part. Bonners, as we all tended to call it,  was not one of my great memories. However, there were a few notable things. I started school there, met my first girlfriend, learned how to have fun at the auction yard and attended my first Pentecostal church. That's where I first learned that Jesus paid the price for my sin, made life long friends with the pastors sons, gave my heart to Jesus for the first time-- these were the good things and good they were. I also learned that life isn't fair. The meek may inherit the Earth,  but the bullies are bigger.  Just because you are nice doesn't mean that others will be.  Not everyone in church is safe for a child to be around, 3 bullies out weigh even the largest kid, and mental and emotional pain can damage one for nearly a lifetime. Sadly, crying doesn't make things better. Teachers don't always teach for the right reasons and children can be more cruel than the pain of getting your thumb trapped in a wringer washer. (Can you feel the love building?)
      Aside from a brief move to Potlatch, Idaho, we stayed in Bonners until 1979, moving to Spokane in the fall. What a God-send!  I had been so messed up by then though that it took one really GREAT  teacher and many, many councilors to help get me onto a somewhat normal life. Spokane was great, I learned that I was normal (pretty much anyway) and I could have more than 3 friends in my lifetime. Even at the same time if I wanted!!  I was left with a defense mechanism but still much better off. I started school in Spokane at Ridgeview, entering into the 4th grade. If there is a teacher out there that deserves a Gold medal, it is Mrs. Pettis, my 4th grade teacher. She had to deal with so much stuff with me that was out in left field ... it just amazes me that a person can be so kind, caring and understanding for so long. Just as I side note here, being in Spokane, I did get to experience May 18th,1980, the day Mt. St. Helens erupted and had to wear those awful surgical masks due to the weeks of ash that followed. I can't stress how much I HATED those masks! I attended several schools around Spokane most notable J.R. Rogers H.S. and Shaw Jr.High. However, I did get to attend Garry Jr. High, Cheney Jr. High and Mead Jr. High, as well. 
      In all of them,  I was in the elite choir groups, as some of you may know. I do still sing by the way, just not to any groups of people. I have been an added attraction to a few local bands over the years but not too many worth mentioning. But I still like to "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" since "I'm Just a Country Boy" at heart. "I Believe in Music" yet and I still pray "Lord I hope this Day is Good." You may listen to these clips at your own risk as my voice isn't what it use to be and there is no accompaniment. I have often felt much like this "song" though. While I use the open-source Ogg Vorbis format on my own computer system I have converted these songs to the proprietary Windows Media Audio format for your convenience as most people do not have the free, high quality CODEC I use installed on their computer.