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Hi and welcome to my home here on the web. Eventually I hope to have somethings of interest here.

I am just your average guy really. I happen to be gifted to some extent in the realm of computer repair and automotive diagnostics. At least according to friends and family. I don't see myself as anything special. I do what I can as I can do it. These days that is generally slow. I go through bouts of depression and fight with a back injury, which it seems no one recognize as severe as it feels to me most of the time. This project is basically 2 fold for me. I needed to feel that I was still a valuable member of society and ... well, finances are not so great either. Fortunately for me I don't put allot of stock in material things. I have no great drive to be wealthy but I do feel a need to be appreciate. It is my hope that when I finely die that people are able to say that I was a decent, God fearing, person who made a positive difference in the lives of those around him. I am happiest when I am able to help others in a spirit of giving and not one of obligation. Obligation often has no perks, there is no one happy as they feel they are owed. I enjoy seeing that smile saying thank you more than hearing the quarters, dimes and nickels drop into my donation can that helps me continue what I am doing. I also enjoy a nice fishing trip, chatting with friends and family, listening to music and singing. I can tell I am getting old though :-) I just don't find most of the new music to be pleasant.

I am an active member of a few forums Rogers87.org, Debian Linux, and Ulteo Linux are the ones I am most active on. I am also findable on Reunion.com. I try to keep this info up to date but I do fall behind occasionally.

Here is a bit of "History" on me.
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